Epsom Coaches - A celebration of 97 years of leadership, innovation and caring for its people


On Sunday 25th June 2017, the last Epsom Coach pulled into Epsom Garage, bringing to an end 97 years of leadership in the bus and coach industry and a unique family business, that always put its staff at the forefront of everything it did.

Turning off the engine of that coach at the end of an era, was a poignant moment, witnessed by a large group of staff, friends and supporters. There are so many happy memories of the good times, as well as remembering with fondness so many of our friends whose lives were far shorter than seems fair. Throughout the changes as the business grew, including the introduction of buses in 1986, the redevelopment of the garage in 2010 followed by the acquisition of the company by RATP Dev in April 2012, there was always a constant theme, the loyalty, good humour and professionalism of our staff, numbering almost 400 at the end.

Truly the definition of a family business, vehicles come and go, buildings change as does the work, but the unique culture of Epsom Coaches, was there right up until the last day.

Although Epsom Coaches is no more, it went out on a high, with quality of service right up until the very last day. The numerous tributes, from industry colleagues, the local community, from local and national government, customers and staff past and present has confirmed the huge loss Epsom Coaches represents, but we can all be proud of the 97 years when the company led the field in so many ways.

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This website is designed to relive our long history, celebrating everything Epsom Coaches stood for and to help the Epsom Coaches family keep in touch with each other. The social club is still running and we look forward to a grand reunion in June 2020, when we will be celebrating 100 years since HRR started the company in Epsom High Street in June 1920.

Please get involved, if you have memories or photographs, please post them on the site or by e-mail enquiries@epsomcoaches.co.uk. Like the firm, it will grow over time and be a place where we can share so many happy memories of the Epsom years.

This website is designed to be a virtual Epsom Coaches and includes many thousands of images, many before not published, including representative photographs of every member of the fleet since 1920. There are inevitably gaps, but if you have images or memorabilia of life at Epsom Coaches please get in touch.

People were at the heart of Epsom Coaches throughout its long life. The website will grow to include profiles of key people in the life of the company, but we are keen to feature everyone, including the company’s most important asset, it’s driving team.  There are so many stories to tell and characters to remember, this site will be the depository for a lifetime of experiences.

Epsom Coaches were always at the forefront of technology, that technology will enable the firms archive and the stories of the past to be preserved for ever and available to a worldwide audience.