A New Life for the Epsom Fleet

Epsom Coaches generally brought new vehicles for both its bus and coach fleets, although there has been the odd occasion, when a used vehicle was purchased and that was certainly the case back in the early days. After service in the Epsom fleet, the vehicles went onto a new life with other bus and coach operators.

The time spent in the Epsom fleet, varied widely, from as little as 5 years to as much as 14 years depending on the type of vehicle and if operated on a TfL bus route, contract renewal. Most vehicles were sold direct to their new owners, from all over the world. In addition to the UK,  other places include Bermuda, Malta, Cyprus, Timbuctoo, Ireland and the Scottish Islands, including 6 coaches sold to Hebridean Transport, who operated much of the island’s bus service, using ex Epsom Coaches. Unusually, the bus company was allowed to retain the distinctive red and cream livery, at their request.

This section shows a selection of vehicles, that passed onto others, often enabling them to start their own business’s. Often, the Epsom paint shop were responsible for repainting the sold vehicles, in the new operator’s livery. Some vehicles have been converted into motor homes and one bus caught fire and was a write off (no one was hurt). There are also some captured in their last resting place, the scrap yard!

Also featured are loan or hired vehicles. Sometimes for demonstration purposes or hired to cover a short-term requirement.  This is only a small sample which happened to be photographed, many weren’t.