Whilst very much behind the scenes, Epsom Coaches engineers, were responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of over 10 million people who travelled with the company each year. They also took care of the presentation of the fleet, with the dedicated body team able to repair, replace and repaint any of the fleet members, quickly to get them back on the road.  Epsom engineers were special people who would go the extra mile, to ensure the highest standards were maintained. In return, the company ensured they had the very best facilities and equipment to do their job.  It wasn’t just the engineers, but also the stores and administration were in capable hands, to make sure that the paperwork was right and the parts needed were at hand.  These highly skilled members of the team, worked under the Service Manager, who was a member of the senior management team. Workshop training for drivers, was also a feature, to ensure that drivers understood how their vehicle worked, with man (woman) and machine in perfect harmony as a result.  In a highly legislated industry, engineering has to be right.  From Roddy Richmond, working on his own in 1920, to a team of 24, looking after the fleet at the end, Epsom Coaches never compromised in their quest for quality.

Engineering Through the Ages