Another reunion success

A wonderful evening was had by all on Friday 24th November, as we once again got together, to relive the past and remember absent friends. Thank you to all  those who were able to attend, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. We were so busy chatting, not many photographs were taken, but I took one of our friends, Tony Hallett, Mick Scruton and Ron Miles. If you have any others, please share.

What really stood out, was the warmth of everyone, fondly remembering their time with the firm, oft stating “it was the best time in my life”.  So much more than just an employer we always tried to make sure everyone benefited from the special “family”, built up over so many years. It is great that continues, some 6 years since we finished.

Amongst some nostalgic photographs and our slide show on the night, the considerable company archive is gradually being digitised and includes:

  • Thousands of photographs & slides
  • Over 60 brochures, back to the 1950’s
  • Bus timetables from the start in 1985
  • Posters & publicity material 
  • Newsletters and social club
  • Meeting notes and minutes
  • Work tickets, old and new
  • Bus schedules & duties
  • Staff Handbooks from over the years
  • Fleet Lists, workshop information
  • Vehicle models, bus and coach
  • Equipment saved for posterity
  • Promotional items
  • Vehicle and building drawings

All above are being scanned or photographed and loaded onto

In addition, to recording everything digitally, the intention is to bring the story of the company up to date, following on from the history of the company published in 2002.

Epsom Coaches Facebook presence will also be enhanced with selected archive uploaded as well as news.  Videos are also on the website, with more to be uploaded.

Once the archive has been fully digitised, the physical heritage items, will be donated to a museum, for safe keeping, available for online and in person viewing.  The maintenance of the Epsom Coaches website will be handed over to a younger generation to ensure it continues.   

Steve Whiteway